Hampden Meadows Presents Jumanji

JUMANJI By the Hampden Meadows 5th Grade Class

The entire Hampden Meadows fifth grade participated in a video project, funded by the Barrington Education Foundation, that allowed them to become scenic designers for a video short inspired by the book Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg.

Each fifth grade class was assigned a scene from the book to create props, characters and backdrops for. With the assistance of visiting artist Steve Hayes and Mrs Mendez, students were able to bring their ideas and visions for this project to life.

Students also worked in unison with the URI media and video department, who filmed and edited this movie. The culmination of this project was a movie made entirely of student-built props and designs that were completely controlled and performed by them!

As this was part of students’ art curriculum, it was the first lesson that fifth graders worked on in art this year.

We’d like to congratulate the entire fifth grade class for their hard work on this project!