Grant History

2017-2018 Grants

Barrington Community:
Extraordinary Teaching/Learning Showcase BEF Board Grant $4,615.00
Barrington High School:
2 Portable PA Systems Barbara Hughes/Nahum Mitnik $2,400.00
Rachel’s Challenge – 4 yr program BEF Board Grant $18,600.00
Barrington Middle School:
32 Virtual Learning Tools Mark Davis $12,296.00
Mobile Media Creation Equipment Kellie Polando/Jack Culton $13,652.00
Hampton Meadows School:
Community Greenhouse Dayna Safran/Paula Dillon $20,785.00
Nayatt, Primrose, Sowams:
State RI Floor Map James Callahan  $1,380.00



2016-2017 Grants

Barrington High School:
iCreate Lab BEF Board Grant $31,285.00
Barrington Middle School:
Design Thinking by DownCity Design BEF Board Grant $12,000.00
Hampden Meadows:
i2learning BEF Board Grant $12,000.00
Jumanji Performance Art Production Tracey McGee $6,717.00
Lego Wedo Susan Fagan $3,031.00
Nayatt, Primrose, Sowams:
Meet the Artist – Mary Jane Begin Amy Gusetti  $5,100.00



2015-2016 Grants

Barrington High School:
Little Bits Synthesizer Kits Nahum Mitnik $2,600.00
Hampden Meadows:
Window Framing/Hydroponics Gino Sangiuliano $2,000.00
Graphic Novels Tracey McGee $5,700.00
Steam/Makerspace Carts Dayna Safran $8,000.00
Sphero Balls Jennifer Hines $1,380.00
Nayatt, Sowams, Primrose:
STEAM Maker Stations Tracey Whitehead, Pat Tolento,

Jim Callahan




2014-2015 Grants

Barrington High School:
CD and DVD Disc Publisher and Printer Nahum Mitnik $2,800.00
High School Robotics Competition Materials Brian DeLaire $3,228.00
Barrington Middle School:
STEAM Ahead: (3D Printer, 3D Doodler Pens, and Sphero balls for computer programming, engineering, and technology-based art education) Rebecca Henderson $12,134.82
Hampden Meadows:
Build Me a Story: this grant uses specialized LEGO kits to engage students in developing enhanced fiction- and nonfiction-writing skills Brian Fernandes $2,571.60
STEAM Education at Sowams (Science and engineering kits, including elementary-level robotics sets) Susan Fagan $5,670.00
Nayatt, Sowams, Primrose:
Authors Inspiring Reading Program (Bringing a dynamic children’s author to visit each school, plus funds for the complete works of the authors for curricular tie-ins) Jamie Greene  $4,000.00
LEGOs for Learning (Build to Express Core Lego sets for 3D artwork and other cross-curricular classroom projects) Kristin White $1,311.19



2013-2014 Grants

Barrington High School:
Dell laptops and stands for the science labs Diane Siliezar-Shields $12,475.00
Barrington Middle School:
Scroll saws and portable sanders for Wood Shop Cheryl DelSanto $3,000.00
iPad minis for math enrichment and remediation Meg Madeiros $12,150.00
Hampden Meadows:
Paper White Kindles and eBooks Brain Fernandes $2,385.00
Friendship Bench, a bench designed to promote social skills and encourage empathy Jamie Poirier $2,400.00
Farm Stand Fresh, a free-standing garden Christina Squatrito $4,300.00
iPad minis and a portable cart for the Literacy Coach and Enrichment Specialist Gino Sanguiliano  $5, 964.00
Nayatt, Sowams, Primrose:
Pixie software, innovative software for the K-3 library lab Cherylann Bertoncini  $1,875.00



2012-2013 Grants

Barrington High School:
A 3-D Printer for prototype creation in engineering, math, science, and art Brain Delaire $5,233.00
Art display boards to enable HS Arts Night and community-wide display Lauren Tucciarone $4,705.00
Video Streaming Equipment for production of live broadcasts of school events George Finn $1,451.00
Lighting and Rigging equipment for the HS auditorium Stephanie Spaziano $36,000.00
Nayatt, Primrose Hill, Sowams, & HMS:
Non-fiction books in support of Common Core for library collections ($2,000 each) $8,000.00
Nayatt, Sowams, and Primrose Hill School:
iPads and iPad document camera stands for all classes in a single grade level Barbara Rix $7,626.00
Primrose Hill School:
Ukuleles – adding a stringed instrument program for the first time David Lauria $744.00
Sowams School:
Kiln, to allow students to experience the 3-D processes of working with clay Amy Gusetti  $2,784.00


2011-2012 Grants

Barrington High School:
Virtual Synthesizer Software (3 sets) Nahum Mitnik $2,745.00
Large capacity, production ceramics kiln Lauren Tucciarone $2,499.00
Vernier & Pasco Probeware for chemistry & physics Amy Nicodemus $8,634.00
Laptop Learning–recharging cart plus laptops for library Suzanne Costa $10,000.00
Barrington Middle School:
Cold Frame for garden project Erika Koury $375.00
Hampden Meadows:
Learning in Motion: stability balls & standing desks Jamie Poirier $3,601.00
Innovative iPads pilot project Seth Tibbits $8,050.00
Nature Trail project with Audubon in woods behind school Carrie Clegg $6,500.00
Printing Press Kristen White $625.00
Nayatt, Primrose Hill, Sowams, & HMS:
STEM Materials for libraries ($1500 each) Jane Austin $6,000.00


2010-2011 Grants

Barrington High School:
Elmo LCD Cart (camera system for artwork) $1,015.00
Rachel’s Challenge: character education program $4,050.00
Intercom/Communication Equipment for Sunrise show $9,152.00
Barrington Middle School:
Archiquest Building Kits $1,144.25
Energy Transformations in a Power Plant: 10 steam engines for science $1,987.19
10 Clip-on microphones for theater $4,290.00
Ladibugs for Math Department (10 document cameras) $5,842.00
Hampden Meadows:
Creating Writers in the 21st Century: 24 laptops on cart $15,930.71
Chime Ensemble for music department $950.00
Mindware: educational board games $279.44
Multi-Media Monitor & Speakers $345.99
Multi-Media Presentation Unit (cart, projector, camera) $1,969.00
Developing Reading Fluency: books on tapes $596.00
Laptops on recharging cart $11,302.19
HMS, Nayatt, Primrose, and Sowams:
Ready, Set, Research: $1000 in reference materials per school library $4,000.00


2009-2010 Grants

Barrington High School:
24 laptops on recharging cart $14,314.49
Student Response Clickers & Interwrite Mobile for 3 departments $11,114.00
Reference eBooks for library $5,000.00
Barrington Middle School:
Casio Camera w/ High Speed Video for Science Dept $430.00
Mobi Interactive Tablets & Clickers $4,644.04
Hampden Meadows:
8 Netbooks $3,608.00
50 frames to display student artwork in halls $2,813.50
Book Club Books $1,800.00
Digital Storytelling: podcast technology for oral history work $1,531.88
Norah Dooley – Guest Speaker/Dance Instructor $800.00
Flip Camcorder for use in library and classrooms $523.79
Intro. To Tai Chi: Physical/Social Movement for 4 weeks $2,880.00
Primrose Hill:
Art Shapes the World: variety of art prints & books $601.24
Nayatt, Primrose, and Sowams:
Healthy Kids, Healthy Learners: non fiction books for libraries $6,000.00