What We Fund

Grant applications are welcome from any faculty or staff member within the Barrington School District. Collaboration across classrooms, grades, and schools is highly encouraged. Over the past years, BEF has funded grants totaling approximately $1,000,000 for innovative educational programs.

What types of projects are funded?

BEF looks to award grants for projects that:

  • Are not funded through the School Department budget
  • Employ innovative methods or techniques to inform and educate
  • Show the most promise of significantly enhancing the educational process
  • Have a direct and immediate impact on the largest number of students
  • Yield materials or processes that will benefit future students

What types of projects are typically not funded?

BEF grants are not intended to replace or relieve the responsibility for public funding of public education, nor are they intended to provide supplemental funding for normal budget growth and maintenance. Grants are typically not provided for:

  • Compensation shortfalls
  • Capital improvements
  • Equipment purchases that are not part of a specific project
  • Ongoing maintenance of existing curriculum programs, whether or not those programs were originally funded by a BEF grant