Partner Benefits

Businesses benefit from excellent local schools!

Our top-ranking local school district helps Barrington’s businesses attract and retain the best and brightest employees. Parents seek communities with great public schools to raise their children.

Our top-ranking school district – in which 99% graduate and 84% go on to a four-year college – also provides Barrington businesses with a strong pool of talented potential employees.

Our schools help you, so please help our schools.

You can support BEF and, in turn, Barrington Public Schools in the following ways:

  • Become a BEF Business Partner.  Donation levels begin at $250
  • Contact us at for more information
  • Volunteer to participate in a BEF sponsored event

We recognize your support.

A good working relationship with our local media and other promotional vehicles provide us the opportunity to promote the businesses within our community supporting Barrington Public Schools.

Business Partners have enjoyed the following publicity benefits:

  • Window sticker indicating support of the Barrington Schools
  • Press releases to local media outlets
  • Recognition in local papers and magazines
  • Posting on the BEF website
  • Promotion through BEF’s annual Giving Drive and Board initiated events
  • Recognition on BEF promotional materials sent to students and their families
  • Recognition displayed on Welcome Back banners hung at each school at the start of the school year

Your Donation Makes a Difference!

With each business partnership, BEF will continue to work hard to elevate the quality of education in Barrington, and your business will continue to benefit from the presence of our top-ranking school district.