SPARQ Grants

How is SPARQ different than traditional BEF grants?

SPARQ grants are intended to quickly fund lower cost, innovative academic initiatives as they arise rather than on an annual application and decision cycle. Each month BEF Allocation Committee members will review and decide on SPARQ applications.  Applications must be for amounts of $500 or less.  BEF has established a set amount of money to be allocated to each school annually.

What is the grant application and award process?

1) Please submit the SPARQ application online and speak to your principal about this project idea. Your principal will receive a principal approval e-mail after your grant is submitted. NOTE: Applications may be submitted by more than one teacher but the total request must be for no more than $500.

2) BEF will reply via email with a decision within 30 days.

How are proposals evaluated?

Decisions will be based on the same rubric as the regular grant process.

What types of initiatives are funded through SPARQ?

Similar to its annual granting process, BEF looks to award grants for projects that:

  • Are not funded through the School Department budget
  • Employ innovative methods or techniques to inform and educate
  • Show promise of significantly enhancing the educational process
  • Have a direct and immediate impact on students
  • Yield materials or processes that will benefit future students

What types of projects are typically not funded?

BEF grants are not intended to replace or relieve the responsibility for public funding of public education, nor are they intended to provide supplemental funding for normal budget growth and maintenance. Grants will not be provided for:

  • Celebration events
  • Books
  • T-shirts
  • Furniture

Any grants not expensed by June 1 annually will be void.  Once funded, all purchased materials or programs become the property of the Barrington Schools.