Valedictorian Interview

Residential Properties:  


Residential Properties Ltd. opened its doors in Barrington in January 1990 to serve the East Bay and nearby Massachusetts real estate region. One of five offices across the state, this office is an integral part of Rhode Island’s largest and most successful independent real estate company. In the Barrington office, there are approximately 50 realtors – many of whom live in Barrington.


Residential Properties is generously supporting Barrington Education Foundation (BEF) at the Valedictorian Business Partner level since 2016, we are so appreciative. Residential has sustained a consistent high-level support with BEF over many years.  Ian Barnacle, local office Manager and Real Estate Broker, shared some insights to why the Barrington office has supported BEF .


“BEF is a valuable resource that provides enhanced educational opportunities to Barrington Schools above and beyond the limitations of a school budget.  Support for BEF is an investment in the future”.  – Ian Barnacle, Sept. 17, 2018


What is a selling point to people moving to Barrington?

Barrington is beautiful with its access to water and other quality of life opportunities for its residents; however, the public schools are the true draw. 60-70% of our customers are inquiring about relocation because of the school system. The tax rate is similar as in other areas, but the benefits of the school system are not as clearly seen as they are here in Barrington.


Why did Residential Properties Ltd. choose to invest in BEF?

Education has always been incredibly important to me, my family, staff and the audiences we serve. BEF is an incredibly important resource to Barrington Public Schools beyond the limitations of their budget. It keeps the system at its top performance, supportive of the young minds growing up in Barrington.


How did you come to learn about BEF?

I learned about BEF from its volunteers, and I’ve seen its public recognition grow. The signage outside the schools at the start of school this year was wonderful recognition of our partnership and of Barrington’s strong community. When the signs were installed, community members contacted me to learn about BEF, so I am glad to see BEF reaching the community in different ways. It is important for people to get involved and stay engaged.


How do you see BEF fulfilling its mission to champion extraordinary educational opportunities within Barrington Public Schools?

Right away when I arrived in Barrington, I heard about the school purchasing a digital printer. I thought this public education is completely different than what we had growing up, so much more progressive and exciting.  BEF is providing these grants that enable the Barrington Public Schools to try new technologies, explore new tools and be forward thinking. BEF provides benefits that I don’t see in any other public system.


What would you say to other commercial entities to encourage BEF engagement?

Schools are what draw families to Barrington. It is what generates the constant movement in and out of Barrington. We are interconnected in our daily efforts. It is in all of our best interest as local companies to be engaged in schools and support BEF. Producing extraordinary education is important to our audience and our company’s continued growth.


What would you like to see BEF do in the next 25 years?

I’m amazing for such a small voluntary organization what has been accomplished, and I hope the organization keeps pushing boundaries to keep Barrington ahead of the curve and allow and encourage students and teachers to think outside the box.