Valedictorian Interview

Interviewer: Aryana Mohammadi, BEF Student Representative

Interviewee: Michael J. Raposa of the Monument Financial Group – Northwestern Mutual

February 2021

Please provide a brief description of your business and your role there:
Northwestern Mutual is a wealth management business, offering wealth management services to businesses and individuals. They offer insurance brokerage for businesses and individuals as well.

Why did you and the Monument Financial Group choose to invest in BEF?
After growing up in Barrington, going to Barrington schools, and moving back to Barrington largely for the schools, there was a desire to give back and provide additional resources to the school district.

How did you come to learn about BEF?
After researching how to give back to and support the local community, BEF came up. We originally donated to Barrington Education Foundation several years ago.

How do you see BEF fulfilling its mission to champion extraordinary educational opportunities within Barrington Public Schools?
BEF’s grant history shows opportunities provided to students that might not otherwise be available solely through state and local funding. BEF has a track record of supporting students’ educational opportunities, enhancing the town’s goal to have the best schools.

What would you say to other commercial entities to encourage BEF engagement?
There are three groups of entities that would be good to target/encourage:
Constituents that live in the town, particularly those that run businesses (based in or out of Barrington), these are people who are probably sending their kids to Barrington schools and want to see a better learning environment as well as a good place to live; businesses in town, when the students of the town and families are happier, business is better; alumni of the town and the schools who are doing well might want to give back to the schools that supported them.

What would you like to see BEF do in the next 25 years?
I would like to see BEF grow the town’s educational advantage in the region and continue to ensure this district is both the best in the area and providing opportunities to its students that they wouldn’t normally have.