Valedictorian Interview

Interviewer: Helen Copple, BEF Student Representative

Interviewee: Ian Barnacle, Residential Properties

February 2022

Please provide a brief description of your business and your role there:
Ian Barnacle. I work in residential real estate for Residential Properties, and I am a broker/manager of the Barrington office. I focus on why people want to live in Barrington, and part of the reason is because of the excellent school district.

Why did you and the Residential Properties choose to invest in BEF?
It was a pay it forward situation. People want to live in Barrington because of the excellent school systems and, through donating to BEF, it allowed us to uphold this standard.

How did you come to learn about BEF?
Community involvement. Hannah Clancy and Elizabeth Kirk were board members of the BEF and they brought BEF to Residential Properties. When they showed BEF to Residential Properties, we had seen the amazing work they had already accomplished and wanted to support this foundation.

How do you see BEF fulfilling its mission to champion extraordinary educational opportunities within Barrington Public Schools?
BEF is always doing amazing projects with technology; they had a 3D printer before I even knew what a 3D printer was. Every aspect that BEF sees a void in the Barrington school system, BEF works to fill that void.

What would you say to other commercial entities to encourage BEF engagement?
It’s a wonderful way to support the Barrington community and is a real benefit to the community. I really have seen how positively it has impacted our town, and it is a wonderful way to support this town that supports our businesses.

What would you like to see BEF do in the next 25 years?
I would like to see them continue what they’re doing. I want to see them grow and keep adding to the education system. The board has been great and I cannot say enough about the work they have done, and I hope that others see the benefit of BEF too.