Empowering Barrington’s Future

BEF has supported the six Barrington Public Schools for over three decades.

Who We Are

 The Barrington Education Foundation (BEF) is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who are dedicated to the support and enrichment of all students within the Barrington Public Schools. Founded in 1992, BEF has raised and awarded over $1.3 million dollars to fund a wide range of programs, innovative technology, and teacher initiatives. Through an annual grant cycle which offers two types of grants (SPARQ <$750 and Traditional >$750), monies raised return to the schools, providing direct benefit for the enrichment of students in all schools and grades in the district. 

BEF uses proceeds from its annual fundraising events as well as donations from corporate business partners and United Way donations, to provide funding for these annual grant awards. CVS Health Grants, RI Legislative grants and the RI Foundation, all have helped tremendously in BEF’s ability to grant such deserving programs.

Recent ’23/’24 grants include:

Drones for drone education (BMS), Water Rowers (BMS), Calming Corner materials (all K-5 classrooms), Project Putt golf (HMS), Smart Board technology (BHS), Reading de-coders (K-3), “Positivi-Tea” and Coffee Cart for Life Skills (BMS), Dinosaur Rocks and Wild Adaptations (K-3), Bird Buddy Nature Camera (K-3), Keith Munslow song writing workshop (all K-3), Computer Monitors (BHS), Author visits (K-3), Challenge Success: A Healthier Approach to College Applications workshop (BHS), Podcast studio equipment (BMS) and so much more!

A Strategic Focus

The work of Barrington Education Foundation is guided by two main strategic goals that reflect our deep commitment to enhancing educational opportunities in Barrington Public Schools: 

● Barrington Public School students are successful and thriving. 

● The Barrington Community is working together to support the education of all our children. 

Meet the Board of Directors

Molly Franke (Co President)

Robin Shapiro (Co President)

Denise Languirand (Treasurer)

Julie Owens (Secretary)

Maura Spector

Sophia Ford

Roxana Mohammadi

Liz Giordano

Liz Niemeyer

Maureen Kelsey

Kim Perez

Rita Alves

Ethan Stein

Laurie Tickle

Tyla Bucher

Shana Prohofsky

Volunteer with BEF

Barrington Education Foundation relies on its Board of engaged parent volunteers and “Friends of BEF” to successfully complete yearly fundraising events and allocate exciting teacher grants to Barrington’s Public Schools. BEF provides community members with an opportunity to share their time and talents to contribute to the endeavors of a volunteer board striving to make a difference in the education of all children in the Barrington Public School system. The time spent volunteering for BEF is an investment in everyone’s future! Please contact us at Barredfdn@gmail.com and fill out the form below to see how you can make an impact. Thanks, we’re excited to meet you!